CARATIRO 1 CT Round Diamond Stud Earring For Her | 14K Gold Plated Earring | .925 Sterling Silver Earring

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CARATIRO is good of experience and a strong background in both gemology and design, we are a uniquely positioned resource for the highest quality diamond jewelry available. We’re thrilled to provide a collection of jewelry backed by extraordinary quality, unrivaled expertise, and a distinctly contemporary shopping experience. Ultimately, CARATIRO represents the best knowledge in the industry, as well as the forward-thinking, design-driven principles of providing ethical, sustainable, and timelessly beautiful jewelry of exceptional craftsmanship. We’re delighted you’re here, and we hope to share not only our remarkable collection, but also what we stand for.

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Jewelry Is Manufactured

Diamond Channel jewelry is manufactured and mounted in the USA by experienced craftsmen who match the diamonds and then use microscopes to set them in beautiful jewelry.

Yellow gold is what the general public envision after they think of gold Jeweler. Because of its color, many of us assume that yellow gold is of a higher purity than white gold or rose gold. On the other hand, 18 carat yellow gold Plated contains a similar amount of pure gold as 18 carat white or rose gold Plated. The distinction in its color comes from the very fact that this gold alloy contains silver, copper and zinc, which allows it to retain its golden color. Yellow gold continues to be very popular round the world because it’s the most hypo-allergenic and it requires the least the smallest quantity amount of maintenance of the three colors.

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<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="Remedy Method Not Treated Stone Piece 2 Stone Weight 1.00 CT Gem Type AAA+ Cubic Zirconia stamp 14K Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver

AAA+ 5mm High Quality Cubic Zirconia Crystal Diamond in a 14K Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver Small Earring , Free Gift Box , Free Shipping, Lifetime Warranty, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee…
CHOOSE THE BEST JEWELER – Why should you choose CARATIRO when there are such a lot of other online brands selling jewelry? The answer is an easy one: CARATIRO has the best customer service, selection, and prices you’ll find anywhere because we’ve had nearly a century to perfect it.
NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN – Prime quality and budget conscious is our priority. All pieces pass quality checks before shipment. Your satisfaction is important to us and we know how important this special piece may be, that is why we make it with Prime quality components that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
CLASSIC & FUNCTIONAL EVERYDAY JEWELRY – Whether you’re in search of something in a classic or timeless style or you’re hoping to make a new discovery, we’re thrilled to provide the perfect handcrafted piece of jewelry to match and exceed your expectations. This item would be wonderful way to express your love to your significant other and perfect for an Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day, or just because!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee for up to 30 days from date of delivery. No questions asked!


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