[RAMOSU] Perfume Softening Conditioner (Hair Mist) (06.lily breeze)

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Perfume Softening Conditioner

Perfume Softening ConditionerPerfume Softening Conditioner

Perfume Softening Conditioner

Add Fragrance and Care to Rough Hair! Natural Fragrance Coming from Silky Hair find it irresistible is just shampooed This perfume hair mist contains Jeju Cactus fermented with lactobacillus to provide moisture and shine to dry and rough hair and blesses attractive charming fragrance all the way through the hair to moisturized, silky and fragrant hair find it irresistible is just shampooed.

Check Point

1.Contains More than 80% of Fermented Cactus

2.Abundant Fragrance, Soft and Gentle Aromatic Odor

3.No Oil! Silky hair without Stickiness

4.Silky Texture without Tangling When Brushed

5.NO Static Electricity! Hair Coating with Moist prevent static electricity in your hair

6.Ahieve the very best hair style

7.NO! Smelly Scalp

8.Makes damaged hair moisturized and shiny

Enjoy the silky hair textureEnjoy the silky hair texture

Enjoy the silky hair texture Silky Hair Softly Brushed without Tangling

Spray the product lightly a few times on the rough and tangled hair and brush it. The hair transforms into moisturized and silky hair.

Hair Moisturized to the End Tip! Opuntia Coccinellifera Fermented Extract to be fermented with Lactobacillus makes the rough hair silky and moisturize like you have just used hair remedy products. (The more you spray the hair mist, the smoother your hair becomes.) Plant-derived Mucin contained in the yam, okra and kelp extracts prevents the hair from tangling and breaking and calms the hair down to perfect the neat hair style. It also protects hair from external harmful substances by preventing invasion of dust and germs.

Fragrance Gentler than the Last Note of a Perfume

Lovely Blanc

Lovely Blanc

Coral Peach

Coral Peach

Morning Dew Flower

Morning Dew Flower

Flower Chiffon Soap

Flower Chiffon Soap

Lovely Blanc

Lovely scent with harmonized freshness of flowers and sweetness of fruits.

Refreshing peach scent with girly and juicy sweetness.

Clean and clear flower scent like a morning dew on a flower petal.

Gentle flower soap scent like showerning with flower petals.

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-action="a-expander-toggle" class="a-declarative" data-a-expander-toggle="a few of the green grass leaves.

Sweet and sour fruity scent with citrusy, bittersweet grapefruit and sweet honey.

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4. It’s endorsed to spray it instead of perfume before dating or important occasion.

Clean and clear flower scent like a morning dew on a flower fetal.


1. It does not make your hair sticky or clumpy even supposing applied steadily. Spray enough according to the amount, thickness of hair and hair damage and brush it with hand or comb.

2. Prevent heat damage to your hair before blow-dryer or hair iron.

3. Spraying hair mist before bed makes your hair soft silky every morning.

4. Provides your hair long-lasting firm hold your hair style after hair mist.

5. Calm rough, frizzy and flyaway hairs with this non-greasy hair mist.

6. When used, hard surfaces such as floor, floor tiles turn out to be slippery. It is recommed to use on a carpets, mats and towels.

7. It the floor is slippery after use, wash it with soap or water.

★ Contains More than 80% of fermented cactus
★ Abundant Fragrance, Soft and gentle aromatic odor
★ No Oil!! Silky hair without Stickiness
★ No Static Electricity! Hair coating with moist
★ Plant-derived Mucin Protect the hair



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