Romantic Pheromone Glitter Perfume. Bellunamoon Romance Pheromone Perfume.Pheromone Perfume,Essential Oil Perfume with…

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1. Increases Pheromone Release –They induce activity in other people arousing their sexual arousal.
2. Toughen Sexual Performance — Gives you the enhanced sexual desire you wish to have. Racks up the wearer’s sex appeal and confidence significantly.
3. Long-Lasting — Pheromones last a long time on your skin. Expect the attraction to last through to the next morning.Pharmaceutical level Perfume pheromone that work for more than 24 hours after application.

Weight: 29.5ml
Variants: Sexy Girl, Sexy Boy

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The name of the game of perfume is a strong concentrate of pheromones and aphrodisiacs:
– Two times bigger concentration of pheromones with increased persistence
– Probably the most best fragrances for women on the planet, which you must definitely try
– Silky smooth, moisturizing mixture to increase the absorption of pheromones
– Long lasting effect and odor
– Perfume with a large pheromone concentrate, now available in the US
– The newest formula of pheromones for attracting men, which was tested by our laboratory.

◎【EFFECTIVE】Scientifically formulated with the most potent Androstenone and Copulin compounds, the most powerful pheromone in humans that affects moods and improves intimate connections to your partners.
◎【LASTS FOR 24 HOURS】Pharmaceutical level Perfume pheromone that work for more than 24 hours after application allowing pheromones to attract men!
◎【 combination Usage】Toughen your natural pheromone production which inspires desire, increases sex appeal, and Toughen romance. The aroma is alluring enough to wear on its own, a fragrance pleasing to both sexes, but light enough to wear in combination with a favorite perfume or cologne.It also can be added to the shampoo, skin care products.
◎【Multi Purpose】It Not only applies to the situation of women and men meet, but also can be used in offices, conference rooms, workplaces. Suitable for a serious imbalance of sex ratio or quite confined places, control human emotions.
◎【Excellent Gift】Excellent Gift Idea for Weddings, Birthdays, Valentine`s Day, and Christmas. An impressive gift for Your Loved ones.



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