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✨Net content: 50ml

✨Shelf life: 5 years

✨Texture: quicksand gold liquid

✨Products come with: 1x sand perfume (50ml)

Sea salt perfume:The highest notes consist of unpolluted , tea and freesia. The center notes are a combination of sweet and red fruits, wealthy and full-bodied dudam and fresh pear, with a wealthy and unobtrusive finish of musk and vanilla, giving it a unique and elegant character.
Shili Peach Blossom Perfume(Pink):The fragrance of Shili peach blossom is versatile. It has a refreshing water, a wealthy fragrance of peach, and a soft fragrance of unpolluted white flowers.
Milk (white):The highest notes are a fruity blend of unpolluted pear and peach with blackcurrant. The center notes are a combination of wealthy and luminous dulcimer and wealthy and fragrant freesia, combined with elegant pink magnolia for an elegant and unmistakable fragrance, and the finish is a combination of musk and vanilla with glamorous amber for a dreamy and holy scent.
Blue wind bell (light blue):The highest notes are a floral combination of unpolluted lemon, green tea and lavender, whilst The center notes are a blend of sunshine jasmine, hyacinth and peppermint. The bottom notes are a blend of musk and sandalwood combined with charming cedar for a fresh fragrance.
Berlin girl (purple red):The highest notes are a floral combination of rose, ginger and ginger, whilst The center notes are a light blend of untamed lily, aloe wood and frankincense.



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